I Have a 1 Year Old!


I still can’t believe I have a 1 year old! I contemplated having a party, but I couldn’t justify splurging on a party that he won’t even remember. In lieu of a big shindig, we had a cozy and intimate celebration with loved ones. His gigi (my mother) was able to make it down for his birthday to stay a few days, and his papaw and gramma (my husband’s dad and stepmom) made it up Saturday and Sunday. I love that they’re close enough to visit! That rarely happens being a military family, so living here for a couple of years is a real treat. Jack adores Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so we chose a Mickey theme. He was not a fan of the smash cake, but did partake in it a little but after about 3-5 minutes max, he was ready to move in to the next thing. Funny thing is, papaw and gramma brought over another full sized cake AND smash cake. I’m sure he was like, wait what? Do I get cake every day that I’m 1?

I planned a photoshoot with my awesome neighbor who also happens to be a talented photographer. The pictures turned out great – money well spent! Including the photoshoot, this kid had not one, not two, but THREE smash cakes. By the time the photoshoot came, I had to dip his hands in to get him started and even then, he only ate a few bites. He was so over it! I can’t blame him. That’s a lot of sugar when the only sugar you normally consume is in fruit. In the end, he nibbled enough to snap some cute pics, so mama was satisfied.

He got some really neat toys, more than I expected. So many so that I had to invest in a whole other toy box and quickly! Thanks Amazon prime, because there was nowhere left for them to go. He is definitely set on toys for a while.

More about this cutie! He is now 30 inches tall, weighs 22.5 lbs and is in 12-18 month clothes. As for milestones, he has 6 teeth, eats loads of food, and has started sleeping through the night around 3x a week. He still wakes to feed sometimes, then goes right back down. Speaking of, we’ve made it over a year breastfeeding! Woohoo! Quite the feat. I’m proud of us, but I’ll save that celebration for a separate post. 

Jack is a quick learner with just about everything and it is one of my greatest joys to watch him discover so many new skills. He is obsessed with the Trolls movie and his favorite toy is any cell phone he can get his hands on. His favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See. He loves giving kisses, dancing and bath time. This little boy brings so much love and light into the world. I am so honored to be his mom.

Dear Military Spouse: Don’t be a Rank Skank

IMG_8504.PNGRecently, I took Jack to the park on post near our house to swing on the baby swings and enjoy a warm spring day. That’s where I overheard the most absurd statement I’d ever heard uttered from a military spouse.

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To My Son on His First Birthday


To the beautiful boy who gave me the gift of motherhood.

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4 Tips for Make Self-Care A Priority – Military Spouse Edition


Have you ever felt the weight of life’s responsibilities weighing you down? Military spouses are pulled in so many directions, and are often left to handle many things on our own. For many of us, this becomes burdensome as we end up caring for others’ needs at the expense of our own. Our desires and needs go by the wayside as we try to take care of our loved ones without nurturing ourselves. There’s actually a term for this called the superwoman syndrome. Many of us fall victim to it, which can become a slippery slope. The more we neglect our own needs, the more negative the impact, not only for ourselves, but for everyone we interact with. Our overall well being begins to decline; we are physically and mentally exhausted until we reach a breaking point where we have no choice but to slow down and take care of ourselves like we should have been all along. Continue reading

Milestones Abound: Part 1

There are so many happy times occurring in my life lately, I thought I’d share a few with you guys!

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Life Lately


Hiiiii everyone. If you haven’t noticed, my blog posts have been quite sparse lately. It’s not that I’ve forgotten about it or lost interest, I’ve just prioritized my family and in particular, my lively little boy.

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How to Embrace the Suck of Military Life


The general concept of adulting is pretty simple. Do your job, pay your bills, stay faithful to your partner, and don’t smoke crack. When it gets tough, well, that’s when character is defined. People assume you should enjoy life and be happy 99% of the time. In a perfect world, that would be awesome, but here in reality, there are tasks we have to do that just plain suck. In military life, there is a lot of suck. Receiving orders with only weeks to PCS, time apart for school or training, unexpected deployments, crappy duty stations, the list goes on. A variety of situations arise that we usually didn’t plan for and have absolutely no control over. So, we have two choices. Either get the task done or whine about why we don’t want to, and still end up having to do it anyway.

The key is to not let it affect your overall attitude. Yeah, you can be pissed off or frustrated or disappointed but AFTER you’ve processed those feelings it’s time to focus and get down to business. Don’t dwell, don’t complain, just do it. Being an adult means we do things that we don’t want to do. I’m a mom. I change numerous poopy diapers every day. I don’t enjoy this task and I don’t pretend to but I do it because it has to be done. We don’t have to like every task that comes our way; we just have to do it and get it over with.

I think this is a good time to put into practice the phrase, “Pick your battles.” You can either let little things get under your skin, or just suck it up, get it done and put it behind you. Oh, and bonus points for not only accomplishing the task but doing it well!

So when the military makes decisions for you, take a deep breathe, bitch, moan then put on your grown folks undies and embrace the suck. You’ve got this.