Life Update!


The last couple months have been a whirlwind! There is so much happening, I thought I’d fill you in with what’s going on.

First of all, I celebrated my very first Mother’s Day! It was particularly special because I was able to spend it with my mom while she was visiting. My husband got me a custom mom coffee mug, wrote a little poem and made cupcakes and a custom photo frame filled with pictures of Jack and I. My sister and brother-in-law sent a delicious edible arrangement of chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite) a teddy bear and balloons! Numerous family members kept me in their hearts and sent me Mother’s Day cards. I was able to FaceTime with my grandma and she was able to see her great grand baby for the first time, which was heartwarming. I am immensely grateful for my family who made my first Mother’s Day truly memorable.


On the baby front, Jack is perfect as ever, of course. He makes me smile every day, even when he makes me dodge an unexpected stream of pee making a b-line for my face or poops in a clean diaper 30 seconds after I change him. We gave him his first bath and he was fantastic. I fully expected him to poop in the bath, but he surprised me and kept it all in. He splashed and seemed to enjoy the warm water. No tears in sight and he looked so darn cute!


Jack also survived his first round of vaccines like a champ! He only cried when the actual needles went in – around 30 seconds, then he was fine! Oh and he weighed in at 13 lb 15.8 oz and 23.7 inches. Big boy!



If you’ve read my more recent breastfeeding post, you know that the breastfeeding situation has been something I’ve been struggling with. Well, I’m ECSTATIC to share that Jack is now breastfeeding WITHOUT A NIPPLE SHIELD! I’m so proud of him and myself, but mostly him. He’s a little trooper!!!

Another milestone that occurred in May was Michael’s 10-year anniversary as an officer in the Army. I’m very proud of him! It’s hard to believe he graduated from West Point 10 years ago. Good God, we’re old!

Michael’s change of command was 8 June, and then we hit the road the next day to Fort Leavenworth where we are now. I love PCSing for many reasons, one of those being I get to purge the house of unneeded and old belongings. It’s so cleansing! That’s the upside. The downside is that the packers did a terrible job. I was unable to keep an eye on them like I usually do to make sure this doesn’t happen. We’re going through the claims process but I’m still unsure if they will replace our things. Fingers crossed they will! We are staying on post at Leavenworth and had no issues getting a house. Thank goodness we didn’t have to be on a huge waiting list, but we did have to wait around two weeks and live the hotel life. Oh and we are in field grade housing since Michael is getting promoted. HOORAY for more space! I’m excited to meet new people and hopefully establish some kind of support network. It’ll surely help while Michael is gone. Maybe I’ll meet some other moms around the neighborhood, in mommy groups or unit functions. I have no idea how, but I really want to make some friends here!

Michael and I also celebrated our wedding anniversary. We commemorated by postponing unpacking and organizing, ordering delicious Thai take out, buying some cake and watching a movie with Jack. Spending time as a happy little family. It was intimate and perfect.


Our house in Fayetteville is under contract and will close today. Thank goodness! I was getting sick of paying for that place, even though it was only for 2 months. We were lucky to sell it so quickly and are happy to have it off our hands.


Moving on, I’m not going to lie, adjusting to being a new mom is kicking my ass. I’d describe my current status as constantly sleepy but overjoyed. Lack of sleep, PCSing and preparing for Michael leaving are my biggest obstacles as of late.

More happy news is my mom visiting in July AND bonus happy points that she’ll be here for my birthday! I thought I’d be alone for it again since Michael is leaving, but her visit will be a pleasant surprise.

As for Michael and I, we are exhausted as expected for being new parents, but love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. So, that’s a recap of what’s happening in life right now. Now please excuse me while I uncover the newest mustard-colored diaper of death and try to catch a quick nap with Jack.


  1. For Mommy ‘n Me programs, I HIGHLY recommend looking to a PWOC or CWOC (it’s called WOSI at Leavenworth). Also, Leavenworth may have an active MOPS group – SO nice! Furthermore, check out ACS and see if they have a New Parent Support Program (NPSP) – they usually have play groups and other meet-ups for moms with children 0-3 (up to age 4). Also, even though Jack is so little, library story-time is a good way to meet other moms with littles. I just did the CYSS, NPSP, and library contacts this week, at the end of our first week at our new home in our new duty location.

    My preference for activities are CWOC/PWOC & MOPS. But, without those, NPSP is my next stop!

    Good luck! Sounds like you are on the right track. 😃

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    • Thanks for the awesome suggestions. Aren’t the CWOC/PWOC religious groups? That’s not my cup of tea. lol I looked into it a bit and saw they have a NPSP for 0-3 years. I’m thinking of going, but I’m not sure how Jack will hold up, but it’s worth a shot!

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      • Yes, CWOC/PWOC are religious groups. 😆

        The good thing about NPSP is they are familiar with babies and meeting baby’s needs. What I recommend (only because I have done it at three locations now) is just swing by and ask them what services they offer – let them know you are new, looking to connect with new moms, and see what they have!

        Also, some installations have Stroller Strides, or something similar. I’d be surprised if Leavenworth does not.


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