3 Reasons I Don’t Wear Makeup


I frequently hear women make statements like, “I could never leave the house without foundation and mascara.” “I’m a hot mess without my makeup.” “Excuse my appearance, I didn’t have time to put my face on this morning,” or something of the like. I also get asked, in a rather shocking tone, “How can you not wear makeup?” Well, here is my answer.

It’s a Hassle

Having to worry about touch-ups or freshening up because it wore off is a hassle. I hate not being able to hug someone because I’m worried makeup is going to rub off on their clothing. And don’t even get me started on sweating!

I’m Lazy

I will wear makeup for special occasions but going to work or grocery shopping? Nope. I shave off a good chunk of time in my morning routine when makeup is not in the equation. While you’re putting on makeup, I’m already out the door!

The Cost

Makeup is expensive!!! I’ve always been one to spend money on experiences, not things. This is just one example of this notion in action. The money I would spend on makeup, I use towards fun outings and activities with family and friends.


The bottom line is that I’m pretty damn comfortable in my own skin. I’m not implying that women who wear makeup are insecure, heck makeup can be fun – It’s just not my thing. I’m well aware I have uneven skin but I’m okay with it. Makeup makes me feel as if I have to seek out my flaws and fix them rather than accept them, plus my husband prefers my “natural” look. I suppose with age, I’ve just become comfortable with myself in my natural state, imperfections and all. I am who I am, and if you don’t like it you can keep on walkin’.


  1. I love doing my make-up an really enjoy putting it on, I am differently only put it on for me an nobody else. I am not one of those people that need to wear it all the time, I could go to work without it. I go to shops without it, and I love having day without make-up think it’s really important give your skin a breather.


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