15 Quotes to Inspire People With Depression and/or PTSD

img_4822As a clinical social worker and more importantly, as someone diagnosed with both depression and PTSD, I’m familiar with not only the stigma of mental illness but the upward battle to manage these illnesses every day.

I know the pain of reliving moments in your my life that you wish nothing more than to forget. I understand the frustration of trying to not only decipher your complex emotions, but to explain them to someone who can’t begin to comprehend where you have been or what you have seen. I have felt the hopelessness that accompanies the sadness. My darkest days are behind me but I live each day fighting a battle against nature to not let these diseases consume my thoughts. Not all days are a success, but there’s always a new day ahead.

Coming to terms with traumatic experiences is a difficult journey requiring an open-mind, patience and time. Healing is a continuous process. When I’m feeling defeated, I find a seed of hope when I see successes of others who are confronting, or who have overcome, similar obstacles.

This is where the idea for this post arose. On days the illnesses are digging into the depths of my mind, these quotes inspire me to find the resolve to push through. My hope is that they help someone else as well.

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  1. Loved these quotes.. I don’t personally suffer from depression, but I know so many people who do. And as a military family, PTSD is something we’ve always looked out for. It’s nice to see people breaking through the stigma behind these struggles.


  2. Great post! I really like Maya Angelou’s quote. It’s certainly been the way in which I feel like I have become more resilient the older I have become. After a bad episode I always try to analyse where things went wrong so as to avoid it happening again. I don’t always succeed, but I keep trying nonetheless/


    • I love her. I actually met her once. It was pretty amazing. I do the same to an extent. I try not to think about it too much though because I’ll end up over analyzing and having a panic attack hahaha. One day at a time. Sometimes, one moment at a time!

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