8 Ways to Make Indoor Activities Fun and Educational


“I’m boooooored.” If you have kids you hear this CONSTANTLY even though your kid may literally be surrounded by a dozen or so toys strewn about. I was infamous for doing this as a kid! Normally, it’s easily solved when you boot them outside for some fresh air and to run off some energy (and get moment of quiet for you) but when you can’t due to the weather, then what? Instead of plopping them in front of the TV or tablet, give one of these ideas a go to put a spin on everyday activities and sneak in some education too!



Of course this made the list; it’s a classic. Did you know coloring improves motor skills, hand-eye coordination and spacial awareness? It’s also a wonderful stress reliever. You can discuss the names and hues of the colors with your children for additional educational benefit. And now that adult coloring books are popular, parents can break out the colored pencils and make a masterpiece of their own.


Crafts are a great way to keep kids busy and foster their creativity. There are a zillion that you can do but I’m sharing these two examples off the top of my head. My suggestions are paper plate clocks to make telling time fun, or for older kids, using origami to apply fractions and geometry as well as knowledge of other cultures.

Play with Dominos


I used to love dominos as a kid! You can use dominos to teach number recognition, addition, subtraction, and multiplication. For older children you can use a domino run to explain chain reactions, potential and kinetic energy.

Bake a Special Treat


A chance to get messy, create a tasty treat, AND learn something in the process. Kids can learn so many things from baking from reading to science to math. Reading the recipes, counting and measuring the ingredients, and cause and effect from combining all the ingredients to form a final delicious product!

Play a Board Game


Another classic indoor activity. Kids learn skills like following rules, logic, how to be a good sport and taking turns.

Play with Legos


A personal favorite. Confession: I STILL play with Legos. No shame! Legos teach a range of skills to include reading instructions (if they’re following a certain pattern), problem-solving and motor development. They can also learn about shapes and geometry too. Legos are also great because there’s no wrong way to do it, so let their imaginations run free.

Write a Book


This is a fun and creative way to develop reading and writing skills. For older children, you can have them tell you the parts of speech and how to use of proper grammar. Children’s imaginations are boundless so let them unleash their inner Dr. Seuss and write a fanciful masterpiece.

Choreograph a Dance to a Favorite Song


I used to do this all the time. I can remember making dances to basically every Backstreet Boys and TLC song ever written. Dancing is a great way to teach kids self-expression and is a good opportunity to release some of that seemingly endless supply of energy through physical activity. Once your choreographed piece is complete, they can show off by performing for friends or family.

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