Reintegrating Our Military Family


Hey everyone! A quick post to give you an update with what is happening on the home front lately. Michael is home and my heart is bursting with joy!

Our little family is reunited and we’re busy learning how to well, be a family. This particular reintegration is unique because it’s not just the two of us anymore as we now have our son completing our family. Getting back into the swing of things and living life with your partner back home certainly isn’t a process that happens easily or quickly, but we are rocking it so far. As a couple, this reintegration was surprisingly much less complicated than anticipated. Despite my annoyingly type A personality, I’ve managed to not be a nag about keeping the house clean and orderly as I prefer. I’ve actually loosened up quite a bit because I’m trying to make the transition as smooth as possible for Jack. Babies have a heightened ability to sense our emotions and he can certainly sense when I’m tense or stressed, so the more I’m able to keep my emotions in check, the better it is for everyone. I’ve been implementing a lot of my stress-reducing techniques while exercising patience and empathy, and it’s paying off. I’ve also been putting forth effort to rearrange my and Jack’s daily routine to include my husband and develop our own flow.

The most important aspect of this reintegration for me has been helping Jack get comfortable with his daddy and helping my husband get to know his son. Michael left when Jack was so young he really didn’t get to know him. After seeing only mommy for months on end, it took him some time to adjust to not only being around Michael, but actually living with him and learning who he is. You know when parents hire a babysitter and give them a rundown of the child’s personality, likes, dislikes, schedule, etc? I feel like I’ve been doing an extended version of that to help Michael learn about Jack. So, that’s probably been the most difficult hurdle at the moment. That being said, they are getting along fabulously! It warms my soul to see them together. ALL THE FEELS!

As you can gather, I’m ecstatic that Jack has his daddy and I have the love of my life back by my side. I’ll take the extra dirty dishes, toilet seats left up, messy bedroom and stinky workout clothes over not having my husband home any day!

Are you currently experiencing reintegration? How are you handling it?

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