7 Ways to Reconnect with Your Spouse and Build a Stronger Marriage



A genuinely successful and happy marriage takes a lot of time and effort from both parties. But really, who has the time to sit down and read through tons of relationship books or attend a marriage seminar? Between working, household duties, and kids’ activities, it seems like there’s no time left in the day for much else. This is when couples begin to feel disconnected. Even if you don’t have children, it is easy to drift apart if your marriage isn’t at the forefront. 

This is why it is so important to prioritize your marriage. It only works if you want it to work. There are simple changes you can make in your relationship that can inspire a deeper level of love between you and your partner, and help you reconnect on a new and more meaningful level.

Physical touch is one of our basic human needs. Why not fulfill that need through a loving physical gesture with your spouse? There is also research stating that kissing your spouse for six seconds can strengthen your bond with your partner.

It’s so much easier to criticize than it is to praise, but it is so important to remember to exercise gratitude. I bet right now you can tell me 10 things about your spouse that annoy the crap out of you. Instead of focusing on your spouse’s flaws, every day, tell your spouse one way they helped you or made your life better that day. It can be anything from smiling at you, making you a cup of coffee to helping with the kids for a few minutes so you could take a bath. Tell them they are appreciated EVERY DAY.

When you seem to be drifting apart, it’s a great time to remember what brought you together in the first place. Look through old photos, recall a fun trip, a funny moment, or a loving moment in your relationship where you felt close. At least once a day my husband or I mention a funny or memorable moment that happened that brings back a good memory. Usually it’s something goofy we did or said that makes us laugh.

Life can get dull quickly if you’re stuck in the same schedule day in and day out. Switch up your routine. Try replacing TV with an evening walk. Maybe instead of going straight to bed, take some time to discuss a future date. My husband and I have made it a habit to eat family dinner together at the dinner table with no electronics and talk about our day. If we aren’t able to talk over dinner, we take time while we’re in bed at night to do so. We always end the night with a kiss and an I love you.

One of the things I love most about my marriage is that we are constantly laughing. When things get tough or tense, laughter can lighten the mood and reduce stress.

Life gets busy, and sometimes we get so caught up in our own happenings that we take our partner for granted. Take the time to be kind to your partner. I like to leave little post it notes with sweet messages by the coffeemaker, in my husband’s uniform, in the car or somewhere I know he will find them. You’d be surprised how much a small gesture can have a positive impact on your marriage.

I’m sure you’ve heard this one, and for good reason; it works! There’s no better way to reconnect than to spend quality time together. Spice it up by wearing something you know your partner likes, being flirty and acting like you’re going on your very first date!

We all hit a marriage rut here and there so don’t feel like you’re alone. Plenty of couples stumble over a few bumps along the journey, but know there is always smoother road ahead.


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