How to Embrace the Suck of Military Life


The general concept of adulting is pretty simple. Do your job, pay your bills, stay faithful to your partner, and don’t smoke crack. When it gets tough, well, that’s when character is defined.

People assume you should enjoy life and be happy 99% of the time. In a perfect world, that would be awesome, but here in reality, there are tasks we have to do that just plain suck. In military life, there is a lot of suck. Receiving orders with only weeks to PCS, time apart for school or training, unexpected deployments, crappy duty stations, the list goes on. A variety of situations arise that we usually didn’t plan for and have absolutely no control over. So, we have two choices. Either get the task done or whine about why we don’t want to, and still end up having to do it anyway.

The key is to not let it affect your overall attitude. Yeah, you can be pissed off or frustrated or disappointed but AFTER you’ve processed those feelings it’s time to focus and get down to business. Don’t dwell, don’t complain, just do it. Being an adult means we do things that we don’t want to do. I’m a mom. I change numerous poopy diapers every day. I don’t enjoy this task and I don’t pretend to but I do it because it has to be done. We don’t have to like every task that comes our way; we just have to do it and get it over with.

I think this is a good time to put into practice the phrase, “Pick your battles.” You can either let little things get under your skin, or just suck it up, get it done and put it behind you. Oh, and bonus points for not only accomplishing the task but doing it well!

So when the military makes decisions for you, take a deep breathe, bitch, moan then put on your grown folks undies and embrace the suck. You’ve got this.


  1. Omgosh yes! Lol. Our pcs to Boston sucked. We do it ourselves…I’ve debated posting it because I don’t want to sound like a whiney ass bitch. But it was insane! It also involved not getting paid at Christmas (yep that happened and it sucked and was embarrassing and awful). Anyway, I try to embrace the suck life gives us. Because life gives us a lot of awesome. 🙂 hugs xo

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  2. I love this! I’ve always been of the mindset that there is no reason to get pissed off at things you can’t control. I’ve seen too many spouses not only get angry at the military in general but they get angry at their spouse. I’ve done my best to embrace this life over the last 8 1/2 years of marriage and honestly I wouldn’t want to live any other life.

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