Life Lately


Hiiiii everyone. If you haven’t noticed, my blog posts have been quite sparse lately. It’s not that I’ve forgotten about it or lost interest, I’ve just prioritized my family and in particular, my lively little boy.

Funny in that I have around 5 posts in drafts and another 5 or so half written in my notes on my iPhone (which I’m also using to write this) that I haven’t really taken the time to edit or create images for. I haven’t completely lost my creative edge, the blog has just taken a backseat to life. I haven’t forgotten about you all. I really appreciate the connection and all the wonderful people I’ve met through blogging!

I’m quite active on Twitter since it’s so simple to just spew a little of whatever I’m thinking in 140 characters then go about my day. So, if you want more personal interaction, I’d probably direct you to follow me there. Fair warning though: I’m blunt and opinionated. I respect differing views, but thought I’d still throw that out there as a disclaimer so you’re not shocked if you see some profanity or something. If you want to keep up with Jack and I in pictures, you can follow me on instagram at @morethanamilsoblog.

Sooooo, circling back (my ADHD is comically glaring) I spend my days experiencing life with my little guy. Currently, I’m trying to find a playgroup or some other little ones around his age for him to play with. I’ll admit, I tend to be quite the hermit (thanks anxiety) except for errands and a couple of volunteer activities. In turn, Jack doesn’t get out much or interact with many people other than my husband and I, which is a problem because the older he gets, the more important it is for him to develop socially with his peers. I looked into playgroups on post and nearby but they are smack dab in the middle of his nap times. So frustrating. I suppose the next step is trying to connect with some mommies that have kids similar in age and trying to coordinate around his naps to have some play dates with them, but ummm how do I do that? Ugh. Can we acknowledge how socially awkward I am? Good lord I hope I don’t pass my anxiety, amongst other mental illnesses, down to him. It makes simple social situations that much more complicated. Anyhow, I need to find him a playgroup or some little friends ASAP.

Speaking of Jack getting older, in a mere two months, he will be a year old. A YEAR OLD! I have no clue how I’m going to handle my baby being a toddler. I’m not prepared in the least. Just stay little! I must admit, it is fascinating and fulfilling to witness his growth and development. He’s becoming much more observant and absorbs everything in his surroundings. Each week that passes, he develops and masters new skills that astound me and leave me beaming with pride. It really is wondrous to watch him flourish!

As delightful as it is, I can’t deny my conflicting emotions. When he learns something new or surpasses a milestone, I explode with recognition and excitement and exclaim, “Yay Jack, great job” and “You’re such a big boy!” I clap and shower him with hugs and kisses and beam with genuine pride and happiness, yet at the same time, a tiny piece of me inside is mourning. With each milestone, I realize I’m losing my baby. When people tell you to cherish every moment with your children because it passes before you know it, listen to them! It is oh so true. I wish I would have taken that advice more earnestly. Drink in every moment with your babies!

I’m not alone in this simultaneous joy and sorrow of watching my baby grow into a toddler, am I?


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