To My Son on His First Birthday


To the beautiful boy who gave me the gift of motherhood.

You burst into this world after 40 weeks and 3 days, at 10:58 in the morning, screaming and beautiful. I spent the previous 37 hours in labor as you took your time relishing your last few hours in the womb. I should have known then that you’d be deliciously stubborn and full of life. You were my squishy little bundle of love. When you were placed on my chest, it was instinct. You knew who I was. My heartbeat reassured you this is where you belonged. Those first few hours were a rush of emotions. Love, joy, fear, awe. Every time a nurse offered to take you into the nursery to give me a break, I refused. You were my dearest child and I was never letting you out of my sight. I couldn’t stare at you or hold you enough. Every moment of joy or accomplishment in my life paled in comparison to you.


Your personality shines with every smile, giggle, eyebrow raise, pout and babble you make. You are curious and empathetic like me, contemplative and bold like your father. You are most certainly your own person though. You are headstrong and determined. You march to the beat of your own drum and you go for whatever it is you seek. Please don’t ever lose that attribute. Chase your dreams and don’t let anyone, including me, ever dissuade you. Be bold. Be brave. Be confident. Be happy. Be yourself. Face your fears with the same spirit you conquer the stairs with and you’ll be just fine.

You have taught me a lifetime of lessons in your single year on this earth. You’ve taught me to be humble and patient. To pause and appreciate each experience rather than rush through life. To live each day with purpose and not take things or people for granted. Your zeal for life is contagious. The wonderment that glistens in your eyes when you discover something new astounds me and breathes life into my soul. Every milestone you meet brings newness and adventure. I revel in the squeals and grins that spring from you as you bask in your newest accomplishment. Your curiosity remains boundless. Please don’t let anyone dull that sparkle.

I admire the window with which you view the world. You don’t understand the concept of competitiveness, or comparisons, time or constraints. You don’t rush anything and live in the moment. You approach life with grace and wonderment. You know things will happen in time, when they are supposed to. So many adults could learn from this special quality of yours. Food, milk, cuddles, hugs, kisses. Running your fingers through the grass, feeling the breeze against your cheek on a family walk in the stroller. Splashing in the tub and playing with the cat. Watching the sky and the leaves rustle in the trees as you swing at the park. These simple things are all you need to be content. Life is simple and sweet.

On this day I want to thank you for being you. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better mother and a better person. Thank you for your unconditional love. Thank you for allowing me to be your mom. I promise to be your biggest supporter in times of both joy and sorrow.


I look forward to watching you blossom during the next year and years to come. No matter how many birthdays come and go, you will always be my baby, miracle, snuggle bug, Jack Jack, monkey, J Peezy, lovebug, boobear, my sweet little boy. I know you will grow up to be a phenomenal young man. Your potential is limitless and I cannot wait to see what you achieve in life. Go and ignite the world with your flame!

I hope you enjoy your special day and delight in the year ahead. I will be right by your side every moment. I love you son, this day and all of my days. 

Your Mom


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