Jack’s First Swim Lesson


I’m writing this post 3 weeks late, but oh well! We’ve celebrated another exciting milestone: Jack had his first swim lesson!

I figured it would be best to get him comfortable with the water early. I inquired about swim lessons on post, but unfortunately they lack instructors, so I reached out to the local YMCA.

I was hesitant to enroll him because he has been going through a lot of separation anxiety. He often cries when I leave his sight and is skittish around strangers to the point that he has a full on meltdown around certain people. I understand this is a normal developmental stage, and I thought swim lessons would be a wonderful outlet to help him work through it. We have a little pool blown up at home and he loves to splash in so I presumed swim lessons would be a good start. My thought process was that easing him into new experiences and getting him comfortable with new people through an activity he likes would be beneficial. I’m not going to lie, I was worried the moment I handed him over to the swim instructor, he’d freak out. I brainstormed ways to reduce the likelihood of a meltdown and concluded I should just lead by example. Children can read our body language and follow our cues. I assumed that if my behavior was natural and enthusiastic, he would follow suit. Once I got him changed into his swim diaper, the instructor introduced herself. I happily exclaimed, “Okay, time to go play with Mrs. Jessica!” and handed him over. He took to her immediately and I was SO RELIEVED!


I cannot praise his instructor enough! She was phenomenal with him. It also helps she’s got three children of her own, and is very easygoing. I’m really looking forward to upcoming lessons and seeing Jack grow and develop, and splash and giggle to his little heart’s content!

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