Happy Autumn and a Life Update

Happy autumn to you! Though the temperatures here are still in the 80s, I’ve fully embraced the autumn mindset. Sweater weather, changing leaves, apple cider, cozy scarves, pumpkins, warm socks, scented candles, Halloween, and the best part of all, the birth of my second little boy, are all on the horizon to make this autumn a magnificent one! 

As for a life update, things have been pretty mellow but joyful around here.

Two weeks ago I took Jack on an impromptu road trip to visit my grandmother who was in the hospital for surgery. He pleasantly surprised me and was a champ in the car! Granted, I planned his nap to be in the car which took care of about half the trip, but he still didn’t whine at all for the next half, which was such a relief! Thankfully, all went well with my grandma and she’s back home recovering with the help of my mom, who, might I add, is a freaking saint. She’s honestly the most selfless person I know and has taken care of my grandma all by herself. It drives me crazy that she overlooks her own self-care and is stubborn as hell and won’t ask for help, but she’s getting better about it. She’s probably going to yell at me when she reads this part. So, hi mom, just remember I’m the baby and you love me!

I returned on Thursday and promptly woke up on Friday with a hellacious head cold. Poor Jack got it too, and we were snot-ridden until around Tuesday of this week  I’m glad to report we are now on the up and up!

Today marks my being 31 weeks pregnant! Pregnancy symptoms have been trying to sideline me lately, but I’ve been fighting back because I’m stubborn like my momma. Aside from constipation and heartburn (oh so glamorous tidbits) the most significant issue I’m having is feeling completely wiped out. I’m finding it exceedingly difficult to sleep at night and end up tossing and turning for hours. The fact that my husband is snoring beside me is frustrating and makes me want to wake him from his peaceful slumber with a punch in the face so he can commiserate with me. Kidding… kind of. Needless to say, when morning comes and I wake with Jack, I’m pooped. Speaking of poop, he’s started doing this thing where he poops himself awake at 0500-0530ish, then refuses to go back to sleep after I change him. Like, really kid? I digress. I’ve been occasionally napping with him to try and recoup some rest that way. I wish I could do that every day but then my house would smell like dirty diapers, sweaty PT clothes and we’d be feasting on ramen and cereal with cat hair strewn about. I must admit, my husband has been a huge help when he’s home, especially on the weekends, doing the dad thing and letting me sleep when needed. I’m SO much more productive after a good nap. I definitely don’t take him for granted one bit!

Annnnnd as I was writing this, I received a call from my midwife informing me my labs indicate I’m anemic and that may be the culprit of my fatigue. I’m starting iron supplements stat and am hopeful they will boost my energy. Fingers crossed!


Jack is growing like crazy and is so much fun to be around. He’s so tall but fairly average/thin build! He wears some 18 month bottoms but is mostly in 24 month bottoms and tops and even some 2T tops! I’ve been slacking on teaching him new signs, but he knows milk, hungry, more, please, and thank you. He speaks when he feels like it (note the intergenerational stubborn trait) and can say mama, dada, hi, bye, baby and tries to say cat, but can’t quite get the T sound down. His two lower molars on each side have finally broken through, but aren’t in all the way yet. Molar teething is no joke, you guys. Everything within arms reach that can fit into his mouth is fair game and the !

As of this week, we’re trying one nap a day, usually around noon or so for two to three hours. Again, the biggest obstacle with him staying asleep is pooping himself awake before he’s completely rested, then not going back to sleep. I’ve tried feeding him bananas and other foods that are supposed to back you up a little, to no avail. If you have any advice, please share! I must say, having the morning free has opened up a world of activities. We attended our first playgroup with Parents as Teachers and Jack was over the moon! It’s so rewarding to watch him learn and play. Hopefully we can stick to this nap schedule and attend more morning activities. Another upside with J is that he’s been incredibly cuddly. It seems the more pregnant I am, the more clingy he becomes. He’s never been a super affectionate baby, so I’m soaking up every sweet hug, kiss and snuggle!

Things on the pregnancy front are going well with 2.0. He is extremely active with rolls, nudges, kicks, and hiccups tickling my tummy. My midwife mentioned he is measuring a little ahead. I’m not sure if that means he’s expected to come a tad early or if he’s just a big baby. The latter wouldn’t surprise me as Jack weighed 9lbs 1oz at birth. He is positioned head down (chilling on my bladder 90% of the time) and has a strong heartbeat. My linea negra is becoming more visible, which is just another exciting reminder that I’m that much closer to meeting my new little cutie! I’m so grateful to bring this little baby into the world and the mere thought certainly keeps my spirits high. That and the fact that I’ll finally be able to sleep on my stomach again after I give birth! Yaaaas!

Despite the fact that it’ll be 89° today, I’m going to start decorating for autumn! I say decorate like I have elaborate decor, when in reality I’m switching out the door wreath, garden flag and putting out a wooden sign on the front porch. We’re pretty minimalist, so anything much more is just too much clutter for this momma. I do love seeing others’ super cute home decor though!

I’ve started exploring indoor toddler activities around the area because as the weather cools, Jack is going to need some entertainment outside of the house to burn his seemingly boundless supply of energy. If this new nap time sticks, we’ll have many more options of fun things to do. Thus far, the children’s museum and aquarium have been a huge hit. There’s also one of those indoor play centers with inflatables and such that I want to check out too.


That’s the gist of what’s happening in my little corner of the universe. 

What interesting things are happening in your neck of the woods? Are you looking forward to anything in particular this autumn?


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