Things I’ve Been Thankful for in 2017

I’ve made it through 2017 without losing my mind! Go me! The year flew by in a flash. Though 2017 presented many challenges and let-downs, it also brought about many wonderful experiences I’m thankful for. Below, I’ll share some of them with you!

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I Have a 1 Year Old!


I still can’t believe I have a 1 year old! 

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8 Ways to Make Indoor Activities Fun and Educational


“I’m boooooored.” If you have kids you hear this CONSTANTLY even though your kid may literally be surrounded by a dozen or so toys strewn about. I was infamous for doing this as a kid! Normally, it’s easily solved when you boot them outside for some fresh air and to run off some energy (and get moment of quiet for you) but when you can’t due to the weather, then what? Instead of plopping them in front of the TV or tablet, give one of these ideas a go to put a spin on everyday activities and sneak in some education too!

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3 Ways Military Men are Awesome Dads


Being a dad is HARD. Being a military dad is Herculean. Their profession uniquely influences the way they parent in a positive manner. Children with involved, affectionate dads thrive in all aspects of life. That’s why I’m sharing 3 ways I think military men are awesome dads.

They’re Admirable Role Models

Service Members generally exhibit admirable traits within their profession such as honor, integrity and compassion. They exhibit these same traits at home, where their children observe and want to emulate them. My husband is an officer and cares deeply for his soldiers. I’ve seen his compassionate leadership in action and I’m comforted knowing he will instill those same values in my son.

They Appreciate The Little Things

Military families often endure long separations whether it be long work hours, trainings, TDY or deployments. Military dads learn to make the most out of the time they have with their children and go the extra mile to make them feel loved and cherished.

They’re Great Providers

Military dads are terrific providers in every sense of the word. They work hard serving our country and serving their families. Military dads know that being a provider goes beyond financial obligations and extends to emotional availability as well. They have an understanding of the sacrifices their families make for them to fulfill their duties, and show their appreciation by providing the best for their families through any means possible.

What traits do you think make military dads awesome?