For the Young Military Spouse Feeling Lonely During the Holidays


I often receive messages from spouses, some asking for advice, some just wanting to introduce themselves. Recently, I received the email below. This one hit home with me because I can relate to her loneliness and struggle with mental illness. My heart truly went out to her. With her permission, I’ve included her email and my response.

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15 Quotes to Inspire People With Depression and/or PTSD

img_4822As a clinical social worker and more importantly, as someone diagnosed with both depression and PTSD, I’m familiar with not only the stigma of mental illness but the upward battle to manage these illnesses every day.

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Pregnancy and Motherhood Anxieties


I’m currently 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant. The closer it gets to baby’s arrival, the more my anxieties about pregnancy and motherhood are mounting, though I know it’s typical to have some apprehension. My husband continually reminds me that I’m capable and how women have been doing this for thousands of years, and to trust my body. I know within, he is right and I am ecstatic to be a mother, but I still have some lingering worries. I thought I’d share some of these, in case someone else may be experiencing similar anxieties.

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