13 Crucial Things to Discuss Before Marrying Into the Military

There is a lot of advice floating around about what matters you should discuss before marriage, but many of them do not pertain to military relationships.

I’ve been getting a lot of emails from military girlfriends asking for my “professional” opinion as a therapist on whether they are ready to get married. I can’t give personal advice because I don’t know the specifics about their individual relationships, but I can offer some general advice that will ensure you have a solid foundation for a successful military marriage.

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4 Tips for Making Self-Care A Priority – Military Spouse Edition


Have you ever felt the weight of life’s responsibilities weighing you down? Military spouses are pulled in so many directions, and are often left to handle many things on our own. For many of us, this becomes burdensome as we end up caring for others’ needs at the expense of our own. Our desires and needs go by the wayside as we try to take care of our loved ones without nurturing ourselves. There’s actually a term for this called the superwoman syndrome. Many of us fall victim to it, which can become a slippery slope. The more we neglect our own needs, the more negative the impact, not only for ourselves, but for everyone we interact with. Our overall well being begins to decline; we are physically and mentally exhausted until we reach a breaking point where we have no choice but to slow down and take care of ourselves like we should have been all along. Continue reading

15 Quotes to Inspire People With Depression and/or PTSD

img_4822As a clinical social worker and more importantly, as someone diagnosed with both depression and PTSD, I’m familiar with not only the stigma of mental illness but the upward battle to manage these illnesses every day.

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We’re on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!


Happy Friday! 

Who’s happy to relax after a long week? I just wanted to take a quick moment to let you all know about the TwitterInstagramFacebook, Pinterest accounts. I’m late to the game but at least I’m in it! I’m still completely lost on Pinterest so bear with me as I’m not as active there as I am on the other accounts. 

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September 11th: 15 Years Later






One day, a few hours, can produce a vast array of emotions. September 11, 2001 did just that.

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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Life is complicated. It’s messy and complex and can leave us feeling overwhelmed, lost, alone and broken. Some days it feels like getting through the day without having a complete meltdown is seemingly impossible. And you know what? Having those feelings is okay!

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6 Healthy Ways to Handle Bad News


It’s inevitable that some time in your life, you’re going to receive particularly disappointing news whether it’s a diagnosis, a break-up, lay off, loss of a loved one or something else that takes the wind out of your sails.

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