8 Ways to Make Indoor Activities Fun and Educational


“I’m boooooored.” If you have kids you hear this CONSTANTLY even though your kid may literally be surrounded by a dozen or so toys strewn about. I was infamous for doing this as a kid! Normally, it’s easily solved when you boot them outside for some fresh air and to run off some energy (and get moment of quiet for you) but when you can’t due to the weather, then what? Instead of plopping them in front of the TV or tablet, give one of these ideas a go to put a spin on everyday activities and sneak in some education too!

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National Haiku Poetry Day!


Poetry is an art form that is close to my soul. It has been a passion of my since I was a child. Poetry was my outlet during some turbulent times in my life when I struggled to find ways to cope with my emotions. I haven’t written in quite some time, though maybe this blog will inspire my inner poet to emerge once again.

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